Martellus Bennett Said Jimmy G Was Being A Bitch In New England

Outspoken former Patriots Tight End, Martellus Bennett joined the Double Coverage podcast with Jason and Devin McCourty and recalled their former Quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo being a bitch about an injury and refusing to play during the 2016 season in which Tom Brady missed the first four games fo the year due to a suspension related to Deflategate.

"Bro we lost two games. One of them was because Jimmy Garoppolo was being a bitch. He quite before us, he decided not to play right before the game. Jacoby Brissett came out and played with a fucked up thumb and played his heart out. But Jimmy was just being a bitch about it all. That's why he [Garoppolo], you can't win with a bitch for a Quarterback, first of all. That was the thing with him. He didn't want to come out and do anything because his agent was trying to protect his body or some shit like that, which I can't fault him for that. But like, you should have made the decision on Thursday. Now it's Sunday." - Martellus Bennett via the Double Coverage podcast

Now Devin McCourty was on the team at the team that season so I'm sure knows the real deal. His reaction is very telling as he is laughing and has his head in his hand for part of the quote, chuckling. Also, on The "I Am Athlete" podcast, former Pats Wide Receiver Julian Edelman was passed that exact quote. One of the hosts, Brandon Marshall was just praising Bill Belichick and the Patriots culture for keeping any issues in-house. Edelman agrees with the sentiment. Credit to the the Pats to keep that under wraps for several years. 

Listen, I'm a big on the record Jimmy G hater. 

Spoiler alert: He did not prove me wrong.


I will momentarily defend him and say that the Patriots only lost one game, 16-0 to Buffalo during that time, leaving the team at 3-1 and in the very capable hands of Tom Brady when he returned. But Bennett has no reason to lie, this is inexcusable with game planning going into the game and you decide on Sunday you're just not going to play?!

49ers faithful will defend Jimmy G saying he got them to a Super Bowl, he's accurate, and he went out with a porn star. But in reality, there is no sugarcoating it, the guy just isn't it. He's not durable having only played one out of five full seasons for the 49ers, constantly has a nagging injury, and has a noodle arm. There is no way I'd feel good about him being my starting Quarterback. Marty B just confirmed my thinking saying "you can't win with a bitch for a Quarterback" referring to Jimmy G. 

In conclusion, Jimmy G is still not a confetti QB.