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I Am In Possession Of An All-Time Great WSD Picture, But He Won't Let Us Release It Until We Get To 47.5K YouTube Subscribers

Good ole WSD. A one in billion person who routinely takes one in a billion photos some how. I mean look at this catalogue 

There's just something about the guy. He takes electric pictures. Oh…and these two as well

The picture that Dave won't release until we get to 47.5K youtube subscribers tops them all. Photoshop heaven. A guy with the lights on and nobody home. He beat Elon to Mars with this picture. Photoshop heaven. I am sure that some people will say it's overrated because the internet is never happy, but I love this picture. So funny. I want to run another photoshop contest and we can do that once we get to 47.5k. Spread the word. Thank you.