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Elephant Learns To Walk Again

Here's a little feel-good start to your Monday. After stepping on a landmine and losing her leg, Mosha learns to walk again on her new prosthetic leg. The duality of man to be capable of causing such destruction as well as helping a random sentient being is something to think about. It's crazy that the elephant is so smart to conceptualize how to use its new leg. At some point, I bet the elephant will be able to put the prosthetic on by itself using its trunk. Elephants are extremely intelligent, they have been known to have "religion-like" practices around mourning their dead. 

Pliny the Elder reported supposed elephant reverence for the celestial bodies:

"The elephant is the largest of them all, and in intelligence approaches the nearest to man. It understands the language of its country, it obeys commands, and it remembers all the duties which it has been taught. It is sensible alike of the pleasures of love and glory, and, to a degree that is rare among men even, possesses notions of honesty, prudence, and equity; it has a religious respect also for the stars, and a veneration for the sun and the moon."

Elephants bruh.