Man City Star Phil Foden And His Girlfriend Were Taped Fighting On A Beach For Breaking Relationship Rule No. 1 - Don't Look At Someone's Phone

[Source] - THIS is the shocking moment Phil Foden's fuming missus confronts him after looking at his phone while on holiday. Chaos erupted at a posh beach club in Greece as the WAG and her footy ace boyfriend were booted off the premises by security after a massive bust up.

She can then be heard screaming "we can’t take you anywhere, this always happens” as a day out at the beach ended in a blazing row.

They booked sun loungers and witnesses said Foden posed for pictures with female fans who approached him on the publicly-accessible beach.

The Man City ace, 22, argued with Rebecca in front of shocked holidaymakers and resort workers after she grabbed his phone while he was swimming in the sea.

I don't care if you're rich and famous or a poor nobody. There's one rule that every couple needs to follow. Don't look at the other person's phone. It doesn't matter if a person is cheating or not, you're going to see something that annoys you, it's going to be an unnecessary fight and you're going have this happen. Now, we've all been here. We've all been in that fight with a significant other where you just don't say a word and let it keep going. Kind of hilarious to hear her ask Phil Foden if she's a dickhead. A+ line there. 

I also don't know what Foden was thinking here. He apparently was taking pictures just with female fans. Buddy, mix in a guy so you can keep taking pictures with females. 

"What it looked like was he was refusing photos, but when women came up to him it was different.

"But whatever happened I was shocked by how Rebecca was acting. She was the one causing the scene.

Feel like this is one of those couples that just gets into fights no matter what. Sure, Foden may have been caught sneaking in a girl to a hotel room while playing with team England. But looking through the phone? That's just asking to see a picture of him and female fans. Probably got a number or two if we're going to be guessing. All I know is there is a reason phones have locks and codes to get in. There's a reason everyone has their own cell phone. Just keep it that way. 

And of course Rebecca was the one causing the scene. Phil was enjoying his day taking pictures with females. That's what Phil Foden does. She's the one who saw whatever she saw in the phone. What else would happen? There's no other outcome here besides this. 

Part of me actually feels bad for Foden because this will be brought up roughly 145,602 times the rest of his life whenever thy are arguing. Good luck coming back from that.