CRAZY Video Of Vermont State Troopers Almost Being Taken Out By A Father In An Excavator As They Were Arresting His Son

Official statement from the Vermont State Police: Last week, two of our troopers found themselves in an unexpected and dangerous situation when they went to a home in Hardwick to arrest a suspect in an assault and burglary case. The suspect’s parents attempted to hinder the arrest, and ultimately the suspect’s father menaced and attempted to assault the troopers using an excavator. Thankfully, the troopers were unharmed and able to arrest all the parties involved without any injuries. One of our commanders said later: “They don’t have a scenario at the academy where we practice this one.”

This is one of the crazier videos you’d see if it were any other time in history. But this is 2022 and anything fucking goes so this is barely a blip on the radar.

That said, credit where credit is due here, and that goes to this remarkably white trash father and son duo.

Sure they both ultimately got arrested and the charges are even more severe now, but the ingenuity here by getting behind the sticks in the excavator and swinging it around like you’re doing some un-permitted demo work was impressive.

I haven’t seen a red neck father and son combo this dangerous since White Sox Dave’s boys, the Ligues, got liquored up and went after Tom Gamboa.

As always thanks to the men and women in blue coast to coast for all they do.