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The Impossible Has Happened: I Feel Bad For Corey Perry. Three Straight Stanley Cup Finals...Three Losses

Look...I hate Corey Perry. I do. That is NEVER going away. As much as I hate him...god damn it, I respect him. What an absolute GRIND. He won the Cup in 2007 at 21 years old. He probably thought he was going to be throwing Cup parties at his cabin every summer. He's been chasing that 2nd ring ever since. A true mercenary scouring the continent for a lost treasure like he's Indian Jones. That Cup is just always a finger length away. Three different teams. Three different heartbreaks. Going through ALL of those wars after a decade of coming up short in Anaheim just to see that silver handed to another team as you stare blankly and longingly has to be gut wrenching. Have to feel for him. Hate him, but also feel bad. Guess I just have a giant heart like that.