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Zack Greinke Pretending He Was Going To Sign A Kid's Ball And Then Throwing It As Far As He Could Is A Top 5 Funniest Thing I've Heard In My Life

I want this story to be real soooooo badly that I'm going to force myself to believe it. I want to live in a world where Zack Greinke saw this kid holding out a ball and pen asking for his autograph and for some weird reason Greinke decided he wasn't going to sign it. He decided that he was going to launch this thing 350 feet in the opposite direction. Why? Who the hell knows. That is what this kid says happened and I'm going to believe it because that is just the kind of guy Greinke is. We know about all he mental stuff he's gone through, social anxiety and all that so maybe this has something to do with that. Or maybe he just thought it would be absolutely hilarious take this kid's ball and send it flying with his right arm touched by God.

I've been looking for other stories to back it up or a camera to have caught it but nothing yet so I have to go along with it. Just the thought of Greinke coming over and this kid thinking he was going to get an auto only to see his ball sailing through the sky is hilarious though. It's legit one of the funniest things I've read and I'm sure people will be pissed at this move, but lets calm down. This isn't a 4 year-old. It's not a little girl, it's not a child. It's most likely a high school kid looking for an autograph. Is it a dick move? Absolutely. Is it the end of the world for the kid? Not at all. It's a laugh out loud funny moment by Greinke. I'm sure if it's true the Royals will send a nice care package to the kid and it will include a Greinke auto and other cool stuff. So he'll get the best of both worlds, an awesome story to tell as well as a nice gift from the team. 

Now I just need Greinke to confirm this, he would shoot up my list of favorite players if it turns out to be true.