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The World's Greatest Delivery Guy Somehow Got A Pizza To Jesse Winker After Today's Brawl And It's An Amazing Story

Stop me if you've heard this already, but Jesse Winker fought the world today: 

Great story. Crazy stuff including a sunflower seed toss for the ages: 

Great stuff, but the 3rd act of this story is the perfect dismount for your Sunday evening brought to you by this passionate Mariners fan.

 What transpires from here is nothing short of magnificent:

midas whale throw our guy a tip

Everyone loves a happy ending

And that my friends is why Baseball just hits different. Clem and I were texting about this tonight. In fact that in and of itself is special. Me and Clem chopping it up, two distant brothers from clubs that rip our hearts out, spending a lovely Sunday evening recapping the efforts of Simranjeet and how cool it is Jesse Winker not only got the pizza, but DM'd this nice lady. 

Honestly just a preposterous turn of events from obviously getting drilled to charging a dugout to getting slapped opposite handed by Rendon to a full blown brawl to the double middle finger exit with a full-bodied crescendo into a big sausage pizza. Disney's bidding for the rights as I type this blog. Talk about a hero in a time of need. Simranjeet the delivery guy getting shit done the hard way. That's my kinda guy. 

Also can we agree a pizza is just a really nice gesture. Whatever side of the aisle you're on I hope we can all agree that a pizza buries most beefs upon delivery. That's FOB destination at it's purest efficiency. If you get that joke then get off the internet and go make some friends like Simranjeet and Jesse Winker. 

Great weekend for the game of baseball. We'll be all over this week on Starting 9. Follow the show here: 

PS - If this doesn't end with Jesse Winker on a pizza review then I got monkeys coming out of my butt