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Nobody Is Safe In Anaheim. Not Even The Sunflower Seeds.

We just blogged the Jesse Winker fight which is borderline must watch territory and now in my history books as one of the best baseball fights in recent memory. Obviously worth running back: 

What you don’t see though is the greatest sunflower seed toss by distance and volume. Like how the computers measure exit velocity and launch angle. My computers measure number of sunflower seeds and distance, and that my friends was in the 99.9%tile in sunflower seed throws:

The extension. The finish. The hip shoulder separation. That’s how you clear the mechanism, although I’m curious how you get to the seeds. There’s so much shit to throw. Bats. Helmets. BALLS. But instead we’re going seeds. That’s sacred territory in the dugout. Some guys take their seeds so seriously like whether you got good dill or Giant Ranch. Whatever your preference, you don’t want to see a couple dozen spilled over a little bad blood. Leave the seeds out of it.

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