Darnell Mooney Talking About Justin Fields Has Me Feeling More Optimistic Than I Wanted To Before The Season

I think I am like everyone else in this city where for the first time in a long time I was not even entertaining the idea of positivity. New coach and GM, depleted roster on paper with the exit of Mack and others, and a general feeling of malaise after years and decades of being beaten up and let down. I kept saying to myself to not care about wins this year. Just hope for the right attitude, development from Fields, and then hope for returns in 2023 in year 3 of Fields, a pile of cap space money to spend, and a full allotment of draft picks to further replenish the roster. 

One chat with Mooney though and I can't help it, but the door has been cracked for a little bit of hope. Mooney is sharp kid and you get the vibe that he doesn't bullshit. He doesn't have to because he's confident and truthful. The best combination, in my opinion. When you hear him say how much better/different this coaching staff operates, how locked in Justin Fields is, and he has this look in his eye you can't help but feel good about the culture of the Bears are building. How many points per game is professionalism from the staff worth? I don't know, but it's not zero. I've allowed myself to get to a place where a combination of an improved OL, improved QB, and a coaching staff that knows what they're doing could lead to some "good times" this Fall. I am not willing to define "good times" right now, but I don't think it is going to be nearly as miserable as the last 3 years have been. 

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