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Let's Talk About Herogasm And How Incredible 'The Boys' Continues To Be

One of the best shows on television, The Boys, just came out with maybe its greatest episode yet and I feel like we should talk about it. A little time has gone by since it came out so hopefully there's enough of you out there who can relate to what I'm talking about. 

Spoiler Alert: If you go through this point I hope you've seen episode 6 that came out on Friday. It's too good of an episode to have spoiled on you so please don't fuck yourself here








First of all, The Boys doing a parody of Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video a week after they parody'ed Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial shows you good they are at making fun of the world and how stupid it is. Well done.

Now Herogasm was fucking awesome, but not necessarily for the reasons we expected. We knew this episode was coming for some time now and the hype was everywhere. Seemingly every cast member took to social media the week leading up to the release date and described it as something you've never seen before because it was that insane. I mean in episode one of this season a supe crawled inside some guy's penis hole and accidentally exploded him from the inside out with just a sneeze. If you have actors from this show saying it's crazy than that you're obviously going to be bracing for the most absurd shit in the world

The idea of Herogasm is how it sounds - a superhero orgy. Everyone fucking everyone in any hole they can find. Present this concept to the show's writers and you're imagining the most extreme, graphic stuff your brain can lead you to. 

Now instead of the actual orgy being the entire plot of the episode, it was used as a backdrop to set up the fight of all fights to end the hour. We still got to see plenty of nudity and that disturbing image of the Deep having sex with an Octopus. 

If I had to see it again, so do you. We're in this together. 

Alright let's get into the prime rib of the episode. We had ourselves the epic Billy Butcher, Homelander, Soldier Boy fight, with some help from a naked Hughie. It was as good as a three minute fight could get. 

Homelander saying "I'm the upgrade" was so fucking bad ass. Throughout the course of the show there's never been a supe who can stand and bang with him. While anointed the world's strongest supe for a reason, that fight showed us a vulnerable Homelander for the first time. 


Soldier Boy puts up a decent fight against him, but in reality he can't take him one on one. That's where Butcher comes in to the complete shock of Homelander. The look on his face trying to comprehend how the fuck Billy lasered him was priceless. Hughie even more so getting in that rib shot broke the superhero's brain. Soldier Boy pulling him down from the cape was perfect after making fun of that before they got going. 

Butcher's reaction to finally being able to fight on a somewhat level playing field with Homelander was satisfying as hell. He finally has the ability to inflict pain on the big guy who has been the bane of his existence. 

What a cool scene they made this out to be. 

Now despite Butcher, Hughie, and Solider Boy pinning him down, Homelander still manages to break free and fly away. I do wonder if he's more scared of Soldier Boy than he needs to be. I wouldn't be stunned if down the road Soldier Boy unleashes his atomic blast and it simply bounces off Homelander like nothing. Until then there will be that fear, but it may end up being unwarranted.

One thing I kept laughing at was M.M. thinking his gun was gonna do a single thing to Homelander or Soldier Boy. I understand he's got this irrational anger towards them, but we gotta be smarter than this. Either take the temporary V or stay out of the way for your own good. 

Is A-Train dead? Either way, that was a great way to fulfill his character arc. First giving a heartfelt apology to Hughie, even if long overdue, but then taking out an actual bad dude in Blue Hawk the way he did. Everything about his actions in Herogasm was written perfectly. Part of me thinks he's still alive, but if not I'm more than content with how they handled that.

 And then there's Starlight's final address on Instagram Live to the tens of millions of people watching. I actually thought for a second she was gonna get her head popped by Neuman mid-speech. Then again, there's more of a story to tell with her character so you can't just end it like that. Nope, instead the cat is fully out of the bag and chaos is ready to ensue. 

Few questions with two episodes to go in the season.

What does Homelander do next? He either goes scorched Earth or he tries to dispel everything that was said in an effort to turn the public against their beloved Starlight. I lean towards the latter for now. 

Is Maeve actually dead? No chance right? She was Butcher's source for temporary V so for their sake they better hope they can find her. 

What's Starlight's plan? She's not exactly buddy-buddy with Hughie and the gang right now especially with their involvement with Soldier Boy, but she also just quit the Seven and there's no going back. Maybe she goes to find Maeve?

Regardless, what a fantastic season of a spectacular show we're watching here. I truly believe it's the best thing we've got going on television right now.