Astros Silence The Yankees' Bats And Combine For a No-Hitter in The Bronx

Christopher Pasatieri. Getty Images.

That's baseball, Suzyn. The Astros pitching dominated the Yankees today and all you can do is tip your cap. Cristian Javier was filthy while the Yankees had a god awful approach at the plate all afternoon. The result? No hits for this Saturday afternoon game in The Bronx. 

I really don't care for combined no-hitters, but to each their own. I know when the Mets did it earlier this year they inducted all the participating pitchers into their team HOF, retired their numbers, and hung their jerseys in the rafters. I still care to acknowledge single pitcher no-hitters, but let's be mature about the combined ones and how high we hold them. (obviously it's against the Yankees so the whole world is gonna celebrate today like they collectively ended terrorism) 

Either way you slice it, the Yankees offense was silenced the last two days. Is it cause for panic? No, any team runs into a few bad ruts on offense throughout the course of a season. You'd like it to not happen in a big series against the Astros, but it is what it is. Houston is very scary and to me will always be the team to beat in October until the Yankees can get by them. One positive you can take away from Saturday's game was that Gerrit Cole was awesome. We've seen some really good stuff from him since that disaster game in Minnesota. 

Tomorrow the Yankees finish off the end of a very tough 13 game stretch with no days off that included 6 against Tampa, 3 in Toronto, and 4 at home vs. Houston. I would have gladly taken 8-5 for that schedule and right now they're 8-4. Bookend the series with a win tomorrow and you forget these two games even happened. 

Enjoy your Saturday, I'm watching professional tag on ESPN right now and it's exhilarating.