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The White Sox Gave Beau Dowling, A 7 Year-Old With Thyroid Cancer A "Home Run For Life" Before Yesterday's Game And There Wasn't A Dry Eye In The House

This video, man if it doesn't tear you up I don't know what to tell you. Beau Dowling is a 7 year-old White Sox fan who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and who was diagnosed with high-rush neuroblastoma as a toddler. He's undergoing treatment for it currently and the White Sox brought him and his family out to the ballpark on Saturday to do something pretty cool. A "Home Run For Life" before the game vs the Orioles.

Packed house and they had him step up to home plate with his bat and had him hit a home run as the players high fived while everyone cheered him on that made it very dusty really quick.

And the embrace with his family at home plate, just eats at you. Kid has a billion problems going on inside his body but you wouldn't be able to tell by the smile on his face. Thought this was an awesome gesture by the White Sox and for it to come against the Orioles who have Trey Mancini who recently beat colon cancer, just awesome. 

Trey made sure to go over and talk to Beau to let him know he will beat this thing, no cameras, no press, just because Trey has been in Beau's shoes and wanted to give him some encouragement. Seriously, if you're not crying by now I got nothing for you. It's been a hostile series between these 2 teams but to see them both participate in an event like this is great. Here's to hoping Beau comes back in another 7 years and gets to hit another homer. This for sure was a day he'll never forget. Keep kicking this thing's ass Beau, we all know you will!