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A Yukon Miner Found A Baby Mammoth That Was Perfectly Preserved In Permafrost For 30,000 Years

Oh my god I'm bout to bust!

Look how fucking cute that little guy is. We gotta find a way to wake him up. Imagine he wakes up and the first thing he sees is a human. He would probably freak the fuck out. Like "oh my god these are the things that were always trying to kill me with sticks and rocks and shit..RUNNNN". Poor lil Harold (I named him Harold. "Harry" when we are just goofing around). So much has changed in 30,000 years. Humans are so much nicer to animals now. We'll give you food, some shelter, some plush toys, maybe a subscription to a pet accessory delivery company. We even made the planet warmer so you don't even need that hair anymore. We'll give you a nice shampoo and buzz cut for the summer. You'll LOVE it, Harry! A maybe a cool little harness with your name on it. It'll be great. You'll be adored all over the planet. We need this guy and some of his brothers and sisters back in the mix of nature. Promise not to drive you to extinction again. Our bad!

We did a dog walk ep a while ago with a guy who is trying to bring back the woolly mammoth for real. You can watch below.