Last Night We Were Treated To A Wonderful Breakdown Of The Wrigley Field Cup Snakes From An Absolutely Electric Fan Named Jake

There are certain moments that see a guy for the first time and immediately know he has what it takes to make it to the Bigs. Pete Alonso smashing 53 Fuckbombs his first season fits the bill. So does Jacob deGrom putting up a 2.69 ERA on his way to winning Rookie of the Year. And Bleacher Jake putting on an absolute clinic breaking down the ins and the outs of the cup snake on live TV with Gelbsy.

I've seen a lot of fans that got caught going viral in snippets during sporting events. Hell, I work with a bunch of them BECAUSE they went viral. Which is why I think, no I know, Bleacher Jake has a future in the biz. 

You don't have that type of presence shouting out your family or the timing to tell Gelbs it's basically the 8th unless there is a bedrock of talent on the mic below the surface. Even the way he described how a cup snake is made, which is just someone saying "Give me your cups" had me listening intently like :checks scribbling on hand: Lenny.

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It may have only been an 81 second interview during an absolute beatdown of a game. But I'll be absolutely shocked if I don't see Jake on a screen again soon, whether it's the Mets, Cubs, or even Barstool that hires him. Kid just has "it and I can feel it in my soul that he was placed on the planet to be behind a microphone. Whether or not Portnoy sees this and agrees is up to the Content Gods (along with whatever parties are scheduled in Montauk this weekend).

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Also I would be remiss if I didn't shout out the legend that helped make this all possible. 

Ligma died so Jake could fly and I hope he's smiling down from heaven seeing this all go down.