YOU JUST GOT JACKED UP: Blooper Absolutely DRILLS Some Poor Kid In A Costume During An On-Field Race

There is something about putting on a mascot costume that forces you to absolutely lay out anyone else you see. Doesn't matter if it's a child, other mascot, anyone in a costume is getting jacked up like it's 2006 all over again. We all know Blooper as that LOSER who thinks he is Big Cat's dad, but during the Braves game on Friday night he decided to do his best James Harrison impression. He came out of nowhere during this race and laid the smackdown on this poor drill. The drill was mixing it up with the bucket and next thing it knows, BOOM. The bucket ends up winning and then Blooper starts to go after him. I'm not sure what this dudes deal is but he was head hunting out there. It was a good hit, don't get me wrong. Didn't lead with the head, wasn't at the knees, it was a perfect blindside hit. I was a bit worried about the drill, it's arms were stuck up in the air and all that, hope that person is okay and I hope Blooper cools it with these out of nowhere hits. Pick on someone your own size dude.