Morgan Wallen Is Confirmed A Better Quarterback Than Kirk Cousins

Morgan Wallen right now is the Elvis of Country Music. If you asked anyone its between him and Luke Combs and in my personal opinion its Morgan by a landslide. I am not even a big Country fan but I went to a Morgan Wallen Concert at the Garden and it was the loudest Madison Garden has ever been. Including Game 7 Ranger games any Knicks game and it wasn't even close. The problem I have is that this guy already has it all and then I see this. It's like when you see someone have unreal talent, good looking and athletic is just unfair. I think you should only be allowed to have one of the three because people like myself have 0 of the 3. Like if Brad Pitt is good at golf, god wasted some golf talent on an already talented guy. But Fucking Morgan has a cannon and was doing it in the building Kirk Cousins loses every big game. I think the Vikings found out right in their own building how they can get over losing every important game and its subbing in Morgan Wallen at QB1. I even have behind the scenes for you as well and you have to admit the guy has a cannon. 

Now let me pose a question, do you think celebrities that are talented would be welcomed in professional sports. Like J Cole is playing in a professional basketball league and not getting special treatment and that league is defiantly getting more fans at the game because of him. Regardless I think we need to See Morgan in training camp this year and he's only 29 Kirk is 33 so all of these signs are pointing towards Morgan.