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Brad Stevens Does It Again! This Time He's Adding The Best Rebounding And Passing Big Man In The Entire Draft

Ben Solomon. Getty Images.

Was Brad Stevens put on this earth to run a professional basketball team? Many people are asking after his latest move. Best passing big and rebounder in the draft? Like, the entire draft? All 60 picks? That seems pretty good! Now if you're like me and watched a total of 0 seconds of Purdue basketball, perhaps you have no idea who the hell Trevion Williams is. I'm just going to warn you, I got about 3 minutes into this 8 minute highlight reel before concluding that I will die for this man.

Giphy Images.

You know what the Celts need? Big man depth. Preferably one who can rebound and move the ball. If he also knows how to operate out of the post for some high percentage looks, that's even better. After my extensive scouting of watching a total of one (1) highlight video, I feel confident in saying this player checks all three of those boxes. This is the EXACT type of prospect I want Brad to be filling the Summer League roster with. Almost makes me wonder why the hell he didn't get drafted. Was it his age? His size? Whatever, that doesn't matter now that Brad has brought him into the program. If he has a solid session in Vegas which by all accounts it looks like he will, I'm in. Give him a Two Way, give him a guaranteed deal, doesn't matter to me really. I just want that skillset on the roster if it looks like it could translate down the road. I mean just look at that passing! You're telling me that can't fit in with the type of players currently on this Celts roster? The Celts need to figure out the Theis replacement eventually, so why can't it be Trevion Williams? 


Listen, everyone knows I'm a huge Summer League guy. I love it. It's an unreal experience that I highly recommend to anyone who has never been. It gets bigger and better every summer. Sometimes things you see translate (Pritchard, Romeo (RIPIP) from the corner etc), most of the time things don't (Nesmith), but getting drunk on the hype and the potential is the majority of the fun. I'll also say it was a little eerie that the Summer Celts were DOMINANT all summer just to lose in the Summer League Finals last year, sort of like how the real Celts were dominant in all of 2022 only to lose in the NBA Finals. Maybe the two are more connected than you think! 

I also love the idea of a guy who maybe feels like he got snubbed coming out and being super motivated to earn his spot in the NBA. That's the mentality I would like to have in the building. Are the odds stacked against him? Maybe. But for a team that's going to be in the tax for the foreseeable future, finding diamonds in the rough is super important when it comes to future roster construction. If you can find low cost guys that actually develop and work out, you hit the gold mine. 

So let's see what Trevion Williams can do. Just watch that highlight video again and tell me you're not excited. It would not shock me one bit if we get to October and he finds himself at the end of the roster. We'll revisit this in about a month after we see how he looks but holy moly that skillset is intoxicating.