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Draft Night Was So Wacky For The Knicks, Leon Rose Decided To Release A Statement About Everything That Happened

Look, I know last night got a little crazy. Okay it got absolutely ridiculous where reports kept coming of the Knicks making trades without any reports of what they were getting back that caused everyone to laugh at the Knicks since it is a tradition unlike any other.

But I thought once the dust settled, rational fans (which admittedly there aren't a lot of after this century of sucking) would chill out and realize the Knicks probably didn't like anybody that was available at 11, likely couldn't trade up to get Jaden Ivey, and instead decided to free up some cap space and load up on some more future picks to their already impressive war chest.

via RealGM

I've been told for what feels like forever now that 2023 is the draft you want to have a bunch of first round picks in and there's a chance the Knicks will have four first rounders. Not the best chance since Washington and Detroit will probably be covered by their protections, no matter how much A's the Pistons get from draft graders today. But there's a chance the Knicks have four and a very good chance they have two since a healthy Luka isn't going to let the Mavs slip into the lottery along with a shit ton of assets to move if they want to make a trade in the future.

Which is why I thought an official statement with two fake stickers seemed like a little bit of a stretch considering the team still hasn't hit free agency. Granted, that has been by far the biggest weakness of the Leon Rose Era. But a full blown statement seems a little excessive, at least until you remember who the owner of the Knicks is and how much he cares about public perception, even though he does shit like this.

So in light of all that, I am going to wait and see what the Knicks do with their cap room and draft picks before I declare last night the latest worst night ever in Knicks history. If Knicks fans are excited about the young core of RJ, IQ, Obi, Grimes, etc. along with whatever moves can be made, I think we should see what gets added to that core by the guys that put it together before making any declarations. 

Or we can act like Stephen A. Smith, which admittedly plays very well on social media and he can just retract everything on a random Wednesday morning if these moves end up working out.

Actually I'll throw a third option out there and let @NYKnicks release footage of Leon on the phones wheeling and dealing last night like NFL teams do. That would be incredible footage, even though NBA front offices would be caught discussing players they have committed moderate to heavy tampering with.