National Treasure John Daly Say if the PGA Tour to Let Him Play Drunk and Barefoot, He'd Win a Lot More

John Daly, describing a video where crushes a drive out of his buddy's mouth in a parking lot:

“We were drunk as skunks. That was like 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. If the PGA Tour let me play drunk, I’d win a lot more tournaments. And barefooted. If I could play the tour barefooted, that’d be nice.”

I've known some golf purists who don't much care for John Daly's shenanigans. Who don't cotton to his free living, hedonistic lifestyle and think he's bad for the grand old game. And I don't judge. I just put people into two categories: Those of us who appreciate Daly's authenticity, and stern, uptight, self-righteous, pedantic moralizers with 3-iron shafts stuck up their asses. 

I respect the time-honored traditions of the game as much as the next guy. I love the grainy, black and white images of Bobby Jones swinging a mashie niblick in a suit coat and tie. But the game is big. Expansive on a global scale. So there's room in it for a guy who dresses like this:

Andrew Redington. Getty Images.

… and lives like he dresses:

Which is to say, lives a life that the rest of us can live vicariously through. Looking like an unmade bed at all hours of the day. Ungroomed. Overfed. Chugging drinks. Ripping darts. Striping drives. Hammering long irons. Just going full tilt, full time. Sticking his foot through the floorboard of his one and only existence on this little spinning rock in space and leaving no pleasure unenjoyed. If Chris Farley had lived and could break par, he'd be John Daly. I wish I was. 

And with this interview, I think he did more than just have a typically honest moment. He presented the PGA Tour with an ultimatum. Threw down the gauntlet. He pulled off his golf glove and slapped the Tour across the cheek and challenged them. And in doing so, gave them an opportunity. 

The PGA Tour is in the fight of its life against the Saudi money luring everyone over to LIV Golf. Daly might be next. Let him play drunk and barefoot, and you not only retain one of the most compelling pros of this or any other generation, you draw viewers and spectators. You know who wants to see Daly play carrying a BAC of .18? Everyone. Personally I can do a lot of things when I'm in the grip of the grape. Do stand up. Write. Operate heavy machinery. Charm the ladies. But I can't hit a golf ball well to save my miserable life. (Some would say I can't do it sober, either. Bite me.) I'd pay good money to see Daly compete while GUI, Golfing Under the Influence, and shoeless. I wouldn't put it past him to win. Especially after watching the perfect launch angle of that drive out of his friend's mouth, which looked like it was good for 330 yards, at leasta. 

Make it happen, PGA. And save yourselves. John Daly has just presented you with the solution to all your problems. Take him up on it.