Order Up Some Crab Cakes And Park Your Ass In Front Of A Screen To Watch The PLL In Baltimore This Weekend | Slip The Picks Episode 3

The PLL heads down to Baltimore for a weekend that always delivers. Say what you want about the people of Baltimore and the fact that they think their state flag is a personality trait, but that city loves the shit out of lacrosse and they always show up to support it. So I'm sure Homewood will be packed out tonight and tomorrow for the 4 games we have on schedule. 

On this week's episode of Slip The Picks...Doogs, Billy and I were joined by Dan Arestia to breakdown these games and give our picks. Dan is about as dialed in as it gets when it comes to lacrosse gambling, and he came prepared with every stat you could ever ask for to backup his picks. So I'd go ahead and label this episode a must-listen if you're into that sort of thing. 

Things also got a bit contentious right off the bat between Doogs and Billy, so I'd also go ahead and label this episode a must-listen if you're into THAT sort of thing. We talk about all the NLL guys coming back to the league this weekend after their championship series, whether or not the Redwoods are back, the perfect storm for a huge Matt Rambo game, and we have Jake Marsh on the broadcast for the final game of the weekend. So go ahead and give the episode a listen and get those picks in on the Barstool Sportsbook before things get going tonight at 6:30pm on ESPN2. 

PLL Week 4 Schedule // Baltimore

Redwoods (1-2) vs Whipsnakes (3-0) // Friday, 6:30pm // ESPN2

The first game of the weekend and it's a classic. Obviously this season has been a little bumpy to start for the Redwoods, but this game is still the original rivalry of the PLL. The first ever championship matchup, a couple more heated playoff overtime matches, two teams that you can truly throw out the record books when they play each other. 

In the past, Matt Rambo has owned the Redwoods. In the past, Matt Rambo has also owned every game he plays on Homewood Field. So if the Whips can get #9 rolling early, and you combine that with the fact that he now gets to work with Zed Williams again? I'm thinking this is going to be a slaughterhouse win for the Whips. Give me Whipsnakes -1.5. Also, every Whipsnakes game this year has gone under on the total. 2/3 Redwoods games have gone under as well. Water finds its level at some point, so I also love Over 22.5.


Chaos (0-3) vs Waterdogs (0-3) // Friday, 9:15pm // ESPN+

Just a good ol' fashioned Toilet Bowl game here. A couple of winless losers going to battle against each other. The only difference between these two teams is that the Chaos practically get their entire offense back from the Bandits season this weekend, and the Waterdogs are still dealing with a ton of injury issues. Granted they'll get Dillon Ward back in cage, but it's going to be significantly easier for the Bandit Boys to get right back into the swing of things in the outdoor season than it will for a box goalie to make the adjustment back to field lacrosse. 

So yeah. I think the Waterdogs season officially unofficially comes to an end tonight at 9:15 (wildly preposterous time to start a game on the East coast. If I never see a 9:15 start again in the PLL, I'll be happy). 4 losses in a row to start the season for the Aqua Pups will be tough to battle back from. Chaos -1.5 and the Chaotic Bandits get their season back on track. 

Cannons (1-2) vs Chrome (3-0) // Saturday, 6pm // ESPN+

Anyone who has been listening to The Crease Dive for the past few weeks knows how much this game means. Doogs has been riding the Chrome all season, and I've been staying steady on my belief that the Cannons actually aren't that bad at lacrosse. So this is a Loser Leaves Town game for the Crease Dive. And by loser leaves town, I mean either Doogs or I will have to show up to the next podcast with our tail tucked between our legs and call the other one Daddy. 

Clearly I'm going to be a bit biased here in my outlook on this game. But the thing about the PLL is that as soon as you think you know what you're talking about with this league, it turns around and does the exact opposite. On paper, the Chrome are a wagon. They're 3-0 to start the year for the first time in team history and they look unstoppable. The Cannons don't look terrible, but they also don't look great either. So everything makes you think this game is lining up for another Chrome win. Which is exactly why I love Cannons +1.5, and if you're not afraid to be bold then Cannons ML


Archers (2-1) vs Atlas (2-1) // Saturday, 8:45pm // ESPN+

Saturday night. 8:45pm. The biggest game of the weekend because we'll have Jake Marsh on the call. If there's one lacrosse game to make sure you park your ass in front of a screen and watch this weekend, it's this one right here. Obviously it would be great if you watch the Whips vs Redwoods game as well since the ESPN2 ratings are important to the league. But let's make sure we get some massive viewership numbers for Jake on the Plus tomorrow night. 

Both of these teams have lethal offensive units. Killers all over the field who can stash the ball in the back of the net every time it touches their stick. If you like goals and you love them in bunches, then this is hopefully the game for you. I know that total seems pretty high, but this game can turn into a track meet at any given moment. Tough night to be a goalie. My heart wants to ride with Archers +1.5 just because I'd love for this game to go to overtime. But let's have some faith here and just root for Over 25.5.

Jordie Update: I wrote all of this and am just now realizing there’s a chance Jake is actually calling both games on Saturday. So make sure you’re locked and loaded into the 6pm game as well  

Also be sure to lookout for some boosted odds on the Barstool Sportsbook for the over in the Archers vs Atlas game. Let's all speak a hundred goals in that game into existence for Jake Marsh.