Rebel Ace Dylan DeLucia threw a FREAKING COMPLETE GAME SHUTOUT against bitter rival Arkansas in the biggest game in school history and Ole Miss is headed to the National Championship Series to take on Oklahoma!

Rebel fans are losing their minds after 20+ years of being good and FINALLY breaking through in Omaha. My brain is melting after watching Mississippi State and Brandon Walker win the CWS last year. HOW THE HECK IS THIS HAPPENING?????

I have never been happier for anyone than I am for Ole Miss seniors Tim Elko, Kevin Graham & Justin Bench. All three could have gone to play professionally after last season and decided to come back together for one last ride. 

This season was an unmitigated nightmare all the way into May. Ole Miss was 7-14 in SEC on May 5th and was struggling to qualify for the SEC Tourney in Hoover when the top 12 teams in the league make it!

Then the Rebels caught fire sweeping Mizzou, winning at Southern Miss midweek and sweeping LSU in Baton Rouge for the first time in school history! 

Ole Miss went 1-3 in their final four games against Texas A&M and Vandy (SEC Tourney). On Memorial Day, I was 85% sure the Rebels were going to be in the first four out of the tournament. They got the 64th and final bid as the #3 seed in Miami Regional!

Ole Miss has run through the postseason because of the DYNAMIC 1-2 pitching combo of Dylan DeLucia and Freshman Lefty Hunter Elliot. These guys have been absolute nails. Ole Miss is 7-0 in their starts! The Rebels literally went from no stating pitching to one of the top combos in the country in the late part of the season. I am not sure I have ever seen this before in my life.

After the game I caught The Captain Tim Eilko for literally my favorite moment in my Ole Miss fandom. The way Tim has performed on the field and carries himself off of it is beyond inspiring to so many. NO ONE deserves this more. 

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Rebel fans have taken over Omaha all week. Both Wednesday and Thursday felt like home games. Get yourself an OLEMAHA shirt to celebrate here!

The National Championship Series starts Saturday Night at 6pm Central!