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Stop Judging The Knicks On Whatever The Hell They Did Last Night (For Now)

Alright I know everyone likes to make fun of the Knicks. Well I'm sick of it, Doug! That's why I took a night, decided to talk through it to myself and agree that it's pointless to make some crazy claim that the Knicks fucked up last night. That's at least until we see what happens with free agency. You don't hire Jalen Brunson's dad, do all this cap space move and then just strike out.

Shit, we're going to strike out aren't we? We're the Knicks. 

Okay, got that out of the way. But it's true. I know people love making crazy hot takes on draft night and everything - myself included. But this is my team I'm talking about so I'm going to try and be rational. Would it had made sense to just take one of the guards or Jalen Duren? Sure. But there's no lock that person ends up being remotely good.

*They are going to be good you idiot. It's a former Knicks pick

But this entire draft process was based around one simple thing. Get Ivey. Get Brunson. Get Brogdon. Fuck Kyrie. That's it. Those are the guys that the Knicks want and more importantly need. It's not like they punted on their future a la some other trades. They shed cap space. Teams do it all the time. 

So yeah I'm going to blindly trust Leon Rose that this was the smart move. I have no other option.