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Paolo vs Jabari Smith Was Barely A Fight Compared To Christian Braun's Mom vs Dyson Daniels' Mom On Draft Night

Last night was the first night in NBA Draft history where we saw something happen. I'm not talking about the Knicks or the craziness up top. Oh no. I'm talking about Dyson Daniels' mom vs Christian Braun's mom. Rarely do we get two mosm who steal the show and start trending on Twitter. But it happened last night. The first haymaker was thrown by Mrs. Daniels: 

Seemed like we had a Luka's mom moment in a runaway. That was until Christian Braun was drafted later in the first round. 

A truly historic night. Honestly, every year it makes me laugh when someone blows up for having a hot mom or girlfriend. It's like people are shocked it can happen. But last night was the first one where we've seen two moms. What a weird night. From the Knicks trade to the crazy betting market with Jabari vs Paolo, guys like Liddell falling, it was just weird all around. 

Shout out the GOAT Draft day mom though: