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Matthew Fitzpatrick Ruined Big Cat and PFT's Sunday By Winning The US Open

On today's Pardon My Take... MATTHEW FITZPATRICK! The US Open Champion joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in the New York City studio to break down his epic major golf victory. What went through his mind during the bunker shot at 18? How did he pick his caddie? What is his golf major power rankings? All of those questions were answered on today's show. 

Another topic the guys brought up was the fact that Matthew Fitzpatrick ruined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter's Sunday. Thousands and thousands of dollars potential winnings were on the line as the PMT duo rode Will Zalatoris to hoist the trophy, but it was Fitzpatrick who won it all. And let's just say the guys didn't hold back on the show...

Mr. Cat: Okay, so you ruined my son's third birthday on Sunday, and I was thinking about it, so we had a lot of money on Will, and you completely ruined it for us. Yeah, so like, tears, everything, he'll forever remember how horrible his birthday was because of you. I was thinking about it, maybe you just give us the trophy. If you give us the trophy, I think we could say, "We're good."

Matthew Fitzpatrick: I'll get you a replica, that'll make up for it. That's my gift to him for his birthday.

(later in interview)

Mr. Commenter: I've got to admit, when you hit that drive at 18, though, I celebrated. I was so happy you were in that bunker. I was like, "I fucking did it! I finally hit a golf future! Willy Z is going to bring it home!"

Mr. Cat: I gave my son his birthday present at that moment, and then I took it away.

Mr. Commenter: I think I said, "all-time choke job." I think I said that out loud.

(later in interview)

Mr. Cat: I do not like you, your'e too nice. You're a nice guy.

Matthew Fitzpatrick: I ruined your kid's birthday. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, you did. I'm serious. 

Matthew Fitzpatrick: No, I get it.

Mr. Cat: So, whatever you want to give to me off that money, when it hits…

Mr. Commenter: It was Father's Day.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, it was Father's Day as well…

Matthew Fitzpatrick: Father's Day? Even worse. 

Mr. Cat: Oh yeah. Oh, no, it was, listen, I told the story on the show on Sunday, but I had to give, like, a speech. We had family over for my son's birthday, I had to give a speech to everyone right around like the 14th hole. I was like, "Listen, everyone lock in. It's Will Zalatoris."

Matthew Fitzpatrick: Yeah, the good news is my dad had a good birthday.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, he did. Well, the problem is, my dad just likes sports. So, he was like, you hit a shot, I can't remember when, "What a shot!" And I was like, "Shut up, shut the fuck up. We're Will Zalatoris guys today." Like, "You want to be in a good retirement home or a bad one? Figure it out."

One of my favorite parts of Pardon My Take is when the guest reads the room well enough to be in on the joke. That's exactly what we have here with Matthew Fitzpatrick. Sure, he robbed Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter of a lot of money. But he joked with them about it, which definitely is a step in the right direction to getting back on their good side.