An OnlyFans Couple Who Have Been Dating for 2 Years Discover They're Actually Half-Sisters

Source - Playing siblings or dating just got a whole lot more complicated for one couple who recently found out they may share the same father.

Carley and Mercedes — who have been dating for two years — revealed they might be half-siblings after finding out their mothers had relations with the same man.

The pair, who also have an OnlyFans account with the handle @notyouraveragesisterz, shared the unsettling news in a clip that has been viewed over 6 million times on TikTok, leaving their 560,000 followers desperately urging them to get a DNA test.

...  “That could explain why you two look like sisters,” another user reflected.

“Am I the only person who thinks that regardless of the results it doesn’t matter?” someone else wrote. 

“At that point, blissful ignorance will go a long way,” they added.

In their most recent video, the duo said they were looking into a DNA test but haven’t done it yet.

As the almost godlike Boomer icon, who was the voice of his generation, once famously put it, "The times, they are a' changin'." And that was like 60 years ago. The pace of change has accelerated ever since. Exponentially. 

I hate to start any thought this way because I know how it sounds. Which is barely audible over the noise of millions of eyes rolling, but ... When I was a kid, Friday nights were spent with a post-puberty Greg and Marcia Brady living one door away from each other, with never the slightest hint of them acknowledging they're not blood relations. In my teens, we realized after the fact that the only two kisses in our favorite movie were between twins who were separated at birth:

And that was a minor scandal, as I recall. The sort of thing we justified that it happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. And would never fly in the 20th century Milky Way, by crackie. Not on our watch. No chance, no how. 

Then in my adulthood, Jamie and Cersei Lannister were making babies on prime time cable. And adult films with the word "Step" in the title became America's leading industry, keeping our entire economy afloat. 

So now two young ladies who have enjoyed a seemingly wonderful dating relationship for two years turn out to be half-sisters? Let's put in on the TikTok, invite six million viewers in, and get the party started. More power to 'em. Invite the moms out to brunch and celebrate the big news. 

Granted, I have questions. Like why wouldn't their father have mentioned the whole family dynamic in the last couple of years? But I get that's the Boomer in me talking. I'm one of those dinosaurs who's married to the mother of my kids, so don't have a grip on how this all works. And I'm tempted to ask what would be the point of having a DNA test after two years of being together. I mean, it seems to me the "Will they or won't they?" ship sailed a long time ago. And it's not like this romantic entanglement is going to produce a baby. Unless it might. Again, I'm an Old and it might just be my bias showing. As long as it's not the next Joffrey, let nature take its course. Or whatever. 


If anything, maybe what Carley and Mercedes truly need is an agent. Because I can see this being the perfect plot for a movie. The RomCom that defines our times the way Pretty Woman or Bridget Jones Diary did for earlier generations. A pair of fairly similar-looking, attractive, 20-somethings meet, fall in love, and can't figure out how they have so much in common. Why they like all the same things, have the same skillset finish each other's sentences. It's uncanny, right? After all, the RomCom rule is supposed to be "opposites attract." Until the father pays a surprise visit to one of them, the other one answers the door, they both say "Hi dad!" and it's all zany misunderstandings and madcap hijinks from there. Hell, you could even get a series out of, there's so much material to work with. And at the end, they do a TikTok video. Like this gem:

It practically writes itself. 

The important thing is that everyone is in a committed, mutually beneficial and respectful relationship, shared with millions on TikTok. And that their OnlyFans subscriptions are about to go through the roof.