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"He's Not Hurt, He's Just Fat" - Guardians Radio Announcer on Why Miguel Sano (Torn Meniscus) Is Out

Well, I guess when you're in 1st place you can call players from the other teams in your division fat. Winners write the history books, folks. So the fact that Miguel Sano had surgery in May on a torn meniscus is irrelevant here. Tom Hamilton, the undisputed greatest radio announcer in baseball history, says he's out because he's fat.

Miguel Sano (DNP): Fat

And to those apparent Doctors and Lawyers on the internet that want to ruin a great quote by pointing out that Miguel Sano is technically (and factually) injured, I'll issue Hammy's response for him:

Can this please just be one of those things where the whole world realizes that funny is funny? Not only that, I'm on the side of allowing baseball radio play-by-play announcers to say whatever they want. I can't imagine how they're supposed to fill air time 162 games a year, 3 hours a night, during perhaps the slowest of sports imaginable. If Tom Hamilton wants to call Miguel Sano (listed at 271 pounds) a fatso, then so be it. Don't listen if you don't want, but there better not be outrage here. Or is this something where Tom Hamilton is going to have to apologize and take a suspension?