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In Typical Lakers Fan Fashion, Ice Cube Refused To Acknowledge How Sad It Is That The Lakers Claim Titles That Were Won Outside Of Los Angeles

Let me begin this blog by reiterating that I am a gigantic pussy. If I were ever fortunate enough to meet Ice Cube, there's zero chance I troll him about the Lakers. I mean, I'm just a no name Celtics/basketball blogger and he's fucking Ice Cube. So right off the bat, I commend Dante for even asking the tough questions and really something that isn't talked about enough. For those who don't know, this comes off the back of one of my favorite Dante blogs

In the longstanding beef between the Celtics, Lakers, and their fans, this is always the one part of the beef that there really isn't a comeback for. I think almost anyone with a brain can agree that claiming the titles from an entirely different city is lame as hell. This is ESPECIALLY true when that same franchise refuses to retire the jersey and acknowledge the best player and icon from those early titles that they are trying to now take credit for. If the Minneapolis Lakers titles count, how are you going to snub George Mikan? Do the Thunder claim the Sonics 1979 title? Nope. They don't hang a banner and back in 2014-15 they declined to rock a championship patch. Sure part of that is the negotiating that took place when the Sonics were sold, but it makes sense. 

This is why I wasn't surprised to see Ice Cube, a known Lakers fan, dodge this question like every Lakers fan does. Let's be very clear about something, if the Celts were trying to claim titles not won in Boston, Lakers fans would not be cool with it or think they count. Now usually in this debate, we see Lakers fans unable to resist the urge to self own themselves. You usually hear

"Big deal, you won all those titles playing against plumbers or when there were only 8 teams in the league"

This is funny because ya know, they are trying to claim titles from 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954. So, by trying to discredit the Celts early titles, they are also invalidating the titles that they are so desperate to play off as their own. Quite the pickle!

What did surprise me was Ice Cube didn't immediately go that route but instead went the 2008 Big 3 route. Why do Celts fans celebrate that team/era? Because they fucking ruled. They were dominant for their entire time together and were a Kendrick Perkins ACL tear away from another title. Also, I'm not sure anyone considers them a dynasty either. That's just what insecure Lakers fans try and say when they refuse to accept and acknowledge how sad it is that they are trying to claim 5 titles that were won while not being the LA Lakers. 

I guess I just don't really understand the need to do this. Having 12 titles is impressive! It's almost more than the next two franchises combined! They are still a historic franchise even without lying about how many titles they've won. Notice how I was fair and didn't discount their bubble title, even given the circumstances and the fact that it took place outside of LA. To me, that one still counts because at least it was the Los Angeles Lakers who won it.

Could you make the case that it's just as pathetic that as a Celtic fan I even care about this? Of course. But it's fuck the Lakers now and forever. That's how it works. Do I wish the Celts didn't choke this year so they would rightfully be atop the league with 18 titles? You betcha. Guess that'll just have to happen in 2022-23.

So credit to Dante for having the stones to put Ice Cube on the spot like that. Can't say his response wasn't predictable, but I commend Dante's effort.