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A Twitch Streamer Got Swatted Live On Stream And Then Ended Up Inviting The Cops Over For A Taco Dinner Afterwards

What a move from HeyItsMeSalty!

So what is swatting you might ask? Some of the stoolies out there know exactly what it is from a time when....nevermind. But swatting is when someone (typically a viewer) finds a streamers addresses and then calls the local police to state there's some sort of hostage situation. It can get BAD - I'm talking really ugly and there's horror stories out there about swats going wrong.

It's quite literally the worst thing you can do to a streamer (or anybody). You put the police in a terrible spot. Because it's staged as such a dire situation, the cops are coming into the house ready for combat. In the clip above, you can see the cop with his AR in hand, ready to protect themselves and any potential hostages.

To prevent this from happening, streamers will reach out to their local police and explain to them the situation when they first move into a new area. As terrible as it is, swatting is very common so many streamers will take extra precaution to not put themselves or the police at risk.

Salty handled this extremely well - I know if I heard "OREGON POLICE" and saw a gun pointed at me, I'd quite literally shit myself on the spot. Salty seems to have handled this well and I hope the cops took him up on his Taco offer because there's no doubt his cooking slaps.

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