Arch Manning Is a Texas Longhorn

After more than a year of speculation, No. 1 overall 2023 recruit Arch Manning announced Thursday he's committed to the University of Texas.

If you're a fan of any team other than Georgia or Ole Miss, I think this is where most people would have wanted Arch to go. It doesn't get much better in terms of intrigue. The Longhorns will have Manning coming in next summer after one season of Quinn Ewers. Will Ewers be good enough to make Arch sit for a year or two? Will he transfer a second time?

And then there's the very obvious angle: it's Texas. The school that's back every year. If Manning gets the Longhorns back to where they expect to be, those games — hopefully Texas is in the SEC by the time he gets on campus or shortly thereafter — will be as must-watch as college football gets.

This is great for the sport. The Mannings already had Mississippi and Tennessee locked down. Now they're expanding their empire into one of the biggest stages in college sports, which will only get bigger with every game if Arch plays the way he's expected to.

Whether you love or hate Texas, this should get you fired up. I already have September 9, 2023 circled on my calendar. This is gonna be fun.