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Today? Yeah, It Was A Good Day

Last week we had Patrick Carney of the Black Keys on the best independently operated music podcast in the entire world, On The Guest List. Before we continue with Ice Cube, please consider the following:

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Now let's talk Cube. This dude GRINDS. We all know his story. His own son played him in Straight Outta Compton, a biopic of the legendary rap group and that movie did a great job detailing the start of NWA, Dre, MC Ren, EZ E and of course, Cube himself. Then once the split happened, he said "fuck it. I'm gonna write a movie"

Next thing ya know, he's getting a standing O at the Cannes Film Festival for his movie "Friday"

Hit songs and movies aside, he's now in the sports business. Just decided he was gonna say "fuck it" again and start a new basketball league.

Now most people know I am far from a basketball guy. More or less a college hoop fan and that is it. I'm as casual a basketball "fan" as there is.

But I checked out the Big 3 last weekend and it was actually really cool. You also can gamble on it now via the Barstool Sportsbook app and let me tell ya... it is a gamblers DREAM, assuming you're gambling on it responsibly like you should. Just constant action and super fast paced and no time limit. Play to 50 and may the best team win. Tons of iso, surprisingly good defense, and they have a ton of talent coaching and playing in the league. People like Gary Payton (coach), Michael Beasley, Brandon Rush, the Pargo brothers and way more.

There were WILD swings in the game. A 15 point lead isn't safe and that's what made it really fun to gamble on. Big3 is also streaming on CBS and other platforms too.

They're in Chicago again this week, so if you are looking for a good time for the family, go and check them out at UIC.  

But for real - listen to the show. We got Cube telling all sorts of stories about his last 35 years of stardom, being a dad and now a grand dad, his creative vision, who he loves to listen to today (Alicia Keys amongst others) and what the most pissed off he's ever been at his son, O'Shea Jackson, Jr., as a dad.

*Spoiler* - he had to pick him up from the clink when he was a kid for doing dumb kid shit. I love humanizing A-listers like Ice Cube like that. You could tell he was really just... another normal guy?... when we got him going on those sort of stories.

Once again - subscribe, rate, review, listen to all that stuff. We have GREAT guests on this show and it's structured like most other Barstool podcasts - organic convo, laughs, sports, stories, etc. It just so happens to be hosted by a diamond certified producer (Kenny Carkeet of Awolnation), a band on the up and coming (Colin Budny of Foxtrot and the Get Down), a successful DJ who knows everything about every genre of music ever (Dante), and a guy who knows a decent amount about rock and roll music from 1970-2010 or so and nothing else (me). 

I promise you'll like it. Give it a shot. Cube was the man.