This One Million Seat Stadium Would Be Filled With An Unimaginable Amount Of Piss And Shit, And For That Reason I Am Out

"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should" - Dr. Ian Malcom. 

Could you imagine if this one million seat stadium ever actually became a reality? Not only would that be such a ridiculous amount of people all crammed in to one singular structure that 99.5% of people in attendance would have an immediate anxiety attack, but just think back to the last NFL game you attended. Think about the bathroom situation. It's disgusting in there. Piss all over the floor, piss all over the toilet seats, a bunch of drunken assholes to expelling their bodily fluids every which direction with reckless abandon. And the largest stadium in the NFL holds 82,500 people. So now multiply how disgusting that bathroom is by 12, and that's what you'd get out of this one million seat stadium. 

The only thing is that I don't even think multiplication is the right function here. It would be more like taking those bathrooms and raising them to the power of 12. 

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- Dr. Ian Malcom. 

I don't know, man. I love the in-game experience just as much as the next guy. But at some point you have to figure the convenience of watching the game at home on your couch outweighs the experience of watching the game in person. And I think a million people pissing and shitting in the same place is where I'd draw that line. Either way, I'd still make sure to use GameTime to get tickets into this stadium at the best price. I'm sure you could get some great deals for some 9th level seats.