Watching Steph Curry Miss A Billion Wide Open Threes Triggered The Shit Out Of Me

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Yes, my Finals wounds are still fresh. That's not going to change for what I would imagine are at least the next 12 years of my life or until the Celts not only get back to the Finals again but actually win the whole thing. I've been doing my best to basically avoid anything Finals/Warriors related over this past week. Didn't turn on ESPN, didn't watch a second of the parade, it's all still too fresh.

Unfortunately for me though, I watched that video. After seeing Steph look like a mere mortal taking uncontested threes, I found myself extremely triggered. That guy is the same person as this guy

I'm sorry. I don't know why I just embedded that video which by default made my finger click play which triggered myself again and probably any Celts fan reading this blog. Yeah, I'm also aware the Celts lost a game in which Steph shot like 7-22, we don't really need to relive that either. Like I said, the wounds are still fresh.

That initial tweet is true though. If Steph Curry of all people is going to struggle with these types of games, what hope do any of us normals have when it comes to shit like this. Is there anything that gives you more of a sense of false confidence than carnival games? Let's just keep it to the basketball related ones. I guarantee anyone who comes across those games thinks they're going to crushit only to be embarrassed and emasculated in front of the girl you like. Talk about a momentum killer. We all know it's rigged but we play anyway because you want the glory of winning that stuffed animal. I can't tell you how many times I tried to pull off that heroic move at the Spencer Fair growing up. Do MA stoolies still fuck with the Spencer Fair? That was big time back in the early 2000s. So much cotton candy and hand holding it would make your head spin. 

I guess on some level it's nice to know that guys like Steph Curry are just like the rest of us when it comes to these types of games. The only difference is he can go home and look at this stuff


God dammit.