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Meth Was Once Legal: The Story of Jack3d

Jack3d was the second closest thing to steroids you could acquire in high school besides Sarms. It was an insane pre-workout that was commonplace before football games, max-out day, and even when taking the ACT or SAT. What made this pre workout different than others? Well, there was Meth in it. 

DMAA / 1,3-dimethylamylamine (geranium) and DMHA / 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine (octodrine) were the dual-action meth that made you think you were a goddamn demi-god ready to wreak havoc on the mortal world. 

I mean it was literally meth. You had a bunch of dudes in the gym on meth going nuts who then inevitably would be buzzing deep into the night and get their homework done as well. It was a miracle potion. You would take it after school at 4 and then be buzzing till 12 am when you would crash hard and go to sleep. It was a perfect 2nd life in the day. You would get a killer lift, go home, eat dinner, crush all your homework (Meth), and then get hit with the need to pass out at the perfect time to wake up for school.

It was legal till tragedy struck:

There have already been two incidents that are pushing the authorities to have Jack3d banned. In 2011, two soldiers died after suffering from heart attack while performing training exercises. The United States Army Spokesman revealed that traces of DMAA were found in their bodies, which were linked to kidney and liver failure.

It’s important to note that these soldiers were using the product against the label’s recommendations – they had pre-existing medical conditions and did NOT follow the instructions. USPLabs has proven in 7 different studies that Jack3d is in fact safe when used properly by healthy individuals.

However, authorities are still considering the ban of because of the DMAA. 1,3 Dimethylamylamine was originally extracted from geranium, and 3rd party lab tests have shown that it is truly part of the stem and oil of the geranium plant. It has been considered one of the most effective but questionable ingredients over the past years. It has been the darling of bodybuilders and weightlifters.

When Jack3d was legal it was a different time. Pre 2016 most of the young male population was hopped up on meth. I mean it seemed that way but I am probably totally wrong. Just nostalgia. Don't do drugs.