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Man In Bulldozer Vs. Man Shooting Fireworks - Who Ya Got?

Do you believe in miracles? YES!!! If Mickey Mouse is looking to make another mid Star Wars show on Disney+ about a beloved character from the original trilogy, I think we just saw the blueprint of what a rematch between the ewoks and the Empire would look like. Machines may be a marvel of man, but they apparently don't hold a (Roman) candle to gunpowder in the right hands. 

The Barstool Sportsbook had Fireworks Guy as a +200 underdog to win via exploding the bulldozer by a well placed ball of fire. However by the grace of the gambling God, Fireworks Guy cashed in as a +1000 winner via knockout, which is the biggest stunner since Buster Douglas took down Mike Tyson once upon a time.

P.S. Before anyone chirps me, I know that isn't a bulldozer. It's an excavator. But bulldozer sounds so much cooler in the headline. In case anybody wants to call me a liar, let me refer you to the video below.

My 4-year-old son has played that video at least 10,000 times which has led to it getting stuck in my head 10,000 times. And now it's stuck in your head for the rest of today all because a Chinese guy with fireworks did the impossible by taking down another Chinese guy in a construction vehicle. How crazy is that?