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The Suns Are The Dumbest Good Team To Ever Exist

Let me start this by saying I like the Suns. They are an easy franchise to root for outside of the whole Robert Sarver thing. But Steve Nash? The jerseys? Barkley? Majerle? All that and even now I love Book and Paul and that whole group. So Mikal Bridges talking about that blown playoff loss makes sense. The Suns should have been in the Western Conference Finals.

But this is more about that. This is about this decision coming up too: 

First off, what? This is a guy you drafted No. 1 overall and has been a starter and key piece for you. Are contracts inflated? Absolutely! But it's a 'discount' max because he's a Sun. This isn't a supermax deal. I just don't get why they are saying this and trying to get rid of him in a sign and trade. You're getting even less value for him then. 

I know the center spot is a 'dying' position but Ayton helped make the Suns what they are. You can surround him with 4 shooters and be versatile on defense. You have some rim protection and a big in Ayton who can hit the 15-foot jumper and is an okay passer. He's not this slob in the post or shit like that. 

But read more into Bridges comments: 

You are now going to upset a guy in Bridges that is part of your future? Is it really worth breaking this up while you're in your window to compete for a title. It's not like they are a fluke. They have a couple holes to fill but losing Ayton just makes an even more massive one. 

It doesn't make sense outside of Sarver being cheap or something like that. Keep your core guys together when competing for a title. Dumbest good team out there.