How Did Shohei Ohtani Follow Up His 2 HR, 8 RBI Night? By Throwing 8 Shutout Innings With 13 Ks Of Course.

When we talk about Shohei Ohtani being the most talented player to ever play on a baseball diamond this is what we're referring to. There isn't anyone else in the history of the game that could go out and have 2 bombs and 8 RBI one night and then the very next game throw 8 innings of shutout ball with 13 Ks, 2 hits,1 walk. Oh, and he also went 1-2 with 2 walks at the plate. Seriously, no one in baseball history has ever drove in 8 and then struck out more than 10 in they next game, Ohtani just did it. I say it a lot with him, he's playing a video game, this is easy for him. We thought his performance on Tuesday night was sick, but somehow he turned in an even better one on Wednesday night. When you look at how the games played out it just strengthens his case for MVP every year, he literally is the reason they win these games, he has to do EVERYTHING for the Angels to win. For god sakes the guy had 8 RBI including a game tying home run in the bottom of the 9th on Tuesday and they still lost, never even held a lead! Last night he had to be perfect on the mound just so the Angels offense could attempt to squeak out a few runs. Sure they scored 4 late but this was a 1-0 ballgame going into the 7th.

It's almost impossible to have better back-to-back nights like Ohtani has had. He's literally doing it all while he drags the Angels along with him, Mike Trout is too busy giving out "haha"s to Steven Cheah in their fantasy football group chat, meanwhile Ohtani is doing things we've never seen happen in the game of baseball. This is right around the time last year where he went on a home run hitting tear, so don't be surprised if he rips off 15 in the next month. These last 2 games are a good reminder of how fantastic Ohtani is, the hype isn't there for him this year like it was last year. Not like he's having an unreal year, .260/15/45 at the plate with a 6-4 record, 2.90 ERA and a 1.01 WHIP. They're good stats, but they aren't the mind-blowing numbers we saw in 2021, this is about the time we saw him go on a tear last year so don't be surprised if he hits 15 in the next month. We also shouldn't be surprised when Ohtani does anything on the field, because he's that damn good. What can he do in his next game to one up his last 2 performances? 4 homers and saves an animal shelter? Guess we'll wait and see.