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Austin Hays Only Needed 4 At-Bats To Hit For The Cycle And That Is Pretty Damn Impressive

Austin Hays is a DUDE. 4 at-bats tonight, 4 base hits. And it just happened that he hit a single, double, triple, and a homer. Yup, completed the cycle in only 4 at-bats. 6 innings to be exact! Not easy to do, especially after he had a golden sombrero on Tuesday against the Nats. The cycle itself is awesome, but doing it in 4 at-bats is wildly impressive. He went infield single in the first, home run in the third, knocked out the triple in the fourth, and put a bow on the cycle with a double in the sixth. He became the sixth Oriole to hit for the cycle joining Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr, Aubrey Huff, Felix Pie and Jonathan Villar. What a group of names there, eh?

His homer was pulverized too. Absolutely smoked. He also had an outfield assist in the first inning, so you could say he had a pretty eventful night. It's stuff like this that makes me laugh when the All Star ballot came out and it showed that Hays was 19th among AL outfielders. 0% chance there are 18 guys better than Hays, that's a joke. Guy literally does it all. Has Aaron Judge ever hit for the cycle in 4 at-bats? Nope, not once. Give me a cycle over an immaculate inning any day, much more impressive if you ask me. And he had to get the double in the driving rain, no problem for Hays though. I also feel like every cycle always comes down to a double, that is always the last one they need, I need a % of cycles that finished with a double. Austin Hays is the man, you need to recognize it.