Steph Curry Telling Coach K And Duke To Fuck Off Should Have Been Our Sign That He Would Become A Legend

Steph is basically begging America to fall in love with him because of this story. Actually, it's Dell telling it so that makes some more sense. Dell needs a comeback with America after losing Sonya

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And hey do I care if it's told with some slight adjustment? Of course not. Fuck Coach K. Fuck Duke. What makes it even better is Seth Curry transferring from Liberty to Duke. Seth Curry is a whatever guy at Duke. Steph is a legend at Davidson. Plus he got to play for a much better offensive-minded coach during the time. 

Sidenote: sneaky love Bob McKillop deciding to announce he was retired the day after the Warriors won the title:

Need to see the text convo between him and Steph that morning. 

Updated rankings of idiots to look over Steph in order: 


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