Frying Pan Boxing Is The Sport Of The Future

So many sports these days are too concerned with being "safe" and "humane" and "avoiding concussion lawsuits that would bankrupt the league into oblivion". It's the Pussifcation of America. These sports are taking all forms of head contact out of the game and turning athletics into some sick joke where everybody gets a trophy and you can't even hurt another player's feelings without getting penalized, let alone physically annihilating them. I don't know when we all got so damn soft, but I was fearful that we had already reached the point of no return. 

That is, of course, until Frying Pan Boxing came into my life. It made me remember that sometimes in order to move forward, we must first move backwards. Get rid of all the fancy new technology. Get rid of analytics. Get rid of modern equipment. And just grab me a couple of liquored up goons, throw them in some medieval knight helmets, and have them smack the shit out of each other's skulls with a cast iron skillet. THAT is what athletics are all about when you get down to the core of things. Man vs man. A test of character, skill, and toughness. These dudes aren't drinking kale smoothies and doing calisthenics to get into shape. They're deleting a case of Diet Miller's each, ripping through a pack of darts and getting ready to put on a show. A couple of dude's dudes at their finest. 

P.S. -- Buddy in the white is a wagon. Great form, efficient movement, generates a ton of power. I don't see him losing many matches in his career.