Billy Football Is On Steroids

Im getting into the blogging game more and I know Billy breaks down who is taking PEDS and I am here to break down why he is. Also it needs different letters because that just could be taken as pedophile and that would be a bad mix up. So I did a lot of research and the first thing that steroids says is a veiny neck. 

The first thing that pops up on googleis how you should live life, you should never go to page two because that meansyoure just searching until you find your answer you want. So I was thinking who else would have veins in their neck from steroids. 

Amanda Edwards. Getty Images.

Thats a meaty ass vein in that sucker so thats just living proof. The man is smiling creating a full branch in his neck and hes the most known guy for steroids. The beef between Rico and Billy is wild but Rico needs to come in and face him or at least take steroids to match him. I also told Billy I was writing this and he said I always joke about Steroids. When you joke about something for that long you end up just actually doing it. Everyone has wanted to take steroids in their life at some point so no judgement but it seems like the man blogging about other people doing steroids is actually doing them. 


Knows a lot about the roids 

Study complete.