'Lightyear' Is The Most OK Movie Ever

On the last episode of LCB, we talked some movie news, did a tiering of all Pixar movies and reviewed the movie LIGHTYEAR. Like the title suggest, this is probably the most ok movie ever. 

You want risks? Something unique? Something That will blow your socks off? Well, prepare to be disappointed. It is a totally adequate movie that that sticks to a very formulaic pattern. There is the classic pixar cute animal, some decent emotional catharsis and a happy ending. And there may be some of you reading this thinking "Well, Lightyear is a kids movie so what do you expect?". Well, you'd be right. But here is the thing, you're also talking about a movie based on time dilation a la Interstellar! Also, there is an element of this movie that is marketed to adults. 

Disney is counting on people who grew up Toy Story to use this as a bridge movie for their own kids. If you were 10 years old when you watched the first movie, you are 37 right now. So the kid excuse only holds so much weight for me.

At the end of the day, it's simply not a bad movie, Just a disappointing one. 

You can watch the full review above or listen below.