The Lakers Officially Hit Rock Bottom As A Franchise When The Pacers Reportedly Laughed At Them For Trying To Trade Russ

[Source] - The Pacers reportedly had a good laugh over the Lakers’ attempt to offload Russell Westbrook, along with Talen Horton-Tucker and a 2026 first-round pick, in exchange for Indiana guard Malcolm Brogdon.

“They just get a nice chuckle and say ’No thank you, we’ve got better deals on the table than that,’” said ESPN draft analyst Jonathon Givony on “The Lowe Post” podcast, who added that a move for Brogdon “is probably not going to happen.”

Woof. Sure, I hate the Pacers. Blame Reggie Miller. But the Pacers aren't in any sort of boat to try and laugh at the Lakers. We're still talking about the Pacers here. The same Pacers who have only won titles in the ABA, only won 6 total division titles and only made ONE single Finals. They don't have the right to laugh at the Lakers ... until now. 

And yes this falls directly on LeBron. He's the one who wanted - no, DEMANDED - Russ. The Lakers could have had Buddy Hield. They could have had a roster that made some sort of sense instead of LeBron trying to get his buddies together and ultimately fail. Imagine thinking a few years ago the Pacers would laugh at being offered Russ, THT and a first round pick for Brogdon. It's just not worth it for them. THT is a nice young player. A first round pick is nice. But that Russ contract? Absolutely not. 

Now I am also selfish here. I'm trying to will Malcolm Brogdon to the Knicks because I don't trust the Kings to take the Knicks offer for Ivey. I like Brogdon! He's good! He's a good defender, can shoot and fits that spot we need. That's especially true with the talk that it sounds like Brunson is going back to Dallas. You can't miss out on Ivey, Brogdon AND Brunson. Just can't.