I Am Once Again Asking For More Ump Cam

This year's College World Series has lacked virtually any excitement at all so far, with the 10 games being decided by a combined 66 runs and no game having a final score within four runs. It's pretty much been a snoozefest.

What the CWS has gotten right, though, is the umpire cam.

We need more ump cam. They introduced it last year and it gave us some awesome angles that you don't usually get to see. MLB has finally started doing some cool things like putting mics on players during the game on Sunday Night Baseball, so this seems easy enough to incorporate into some national broadcasts. Apple should show their entire games from the ump cam to make those terrible broadcasts mildly interesting.

The difference in how the above at-bat looks from behind the plate as opposed to the normal center field camera is crazy.

With the center field angle, I'd be screaming at my television if a player on my team swung through that second pitch. Then you watch it from the ump cam and see the disgusting depth and movement it had. I'd still be screaming, but at least I'd understand.

Hell, charge me $1.99 to watch a Sandy Alcantara or Max Fried start from the ump cam and I'm still in. There's no reason to not have this in the big leagues yesterday.