The 'Fuck Them Kids' Meme Comes To Life As MJ Straight Up Refuses To Take A Picture With Kids Waiting By The Hornets Garage

We know the meme. If not, it's being used basically in every reply to every tweet of this: 

I even debated if this was real or not. So much so I texted the smartest of Internet people - i.e. Clem - his thoughts. It seemed suspicious that these kids were standing by a garage that was open looking for LaMelo only for MJ to walk out. However, MJ being the hilarious asshole here made everyone agree it seemed real. You think MJ gives a shit if a kid wearing Jordan's gets a picture or not? I don't think so. 

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MJ's right though. Put that damn phone down. I know everyone wants a picture with MJ, but they never should just be standing there filming. That's why I was suspicious of this at first too. Why are they just filming? I know it's because it's kids in 2022, but come on. It's good to know that Jordan is still an asshole no matter what the situation. Good chance he was on his way to the golf course anyways. Had to get his mind right.