Watch: This Kid Playing Clash Royale At A School Talent Show Is Living Out A Dream Of Mine

Here I am scrolling through tiktok late last night when I come across this GEM. Immediately, I get filled with jealousy - this dude is legit living out a dream of mine! My guy went on the stage for a school talent show and started ripping Clash Royale (one of the best mobile games of all time IMO).

This is just one of those situations where you have time admire the dedication and heart of this kid. He may not have a date to prom, but he'll always have that one Clash Royale moment in front of the school. Prom is temporary, but gaming is forever.

Each Clash Royale matchup is roughly 3 minutes - so we can't determine if he clutched up the dub or not, but I'm hoping he did. Ain't nothing more embarrassing than getting clapped in Clash.

Immediately after seeing this video, it made me think about how great mobile used to be. We simply have to MMGGA - Make Mobile Games Great Again!

Think about 10 years ago when everyone and their mother was on Clash of Clans. The boys would all join a clan, prep for war and then lose friendships if one of your buddies wasn't able to get his two attacks in. It was ADDICTING and we've never quite seen anything again like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale.

Even thinking back to the Pokémon Go days - was there ever a more peaceful time in humanity? I can't recall a better time to be alive. People were outside going for walks, making friends with strangers and meeting up at Pokémon gyms to assert their dominance. Granted, a lot of chaos ensued from people not looking up from their phones, but we don't talk about that part…

When I first started here, I made a ranking of Mobile games. After much thought, we need an updated rankings. Expect a blog from me soon on the greatest mobile games of all time!

My previous top 5 is below: