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After a 2 Year Review, The FDA Is Banning JUUL

I first hit a Juul after practice one day my sophomore year. My immediate reaction was  "This is weak AF why wouldn't I just pack a lip". Throughout high school, the Juul became more and more prevalent. It was 2015 and in high school bathrooms across America, people were selling Juul hits for $5 a pop. Juul was an essential in high school in college just like Apple products. It looked sleek plugged into a MacBook. The outer metallic shell matched the aesthetic of the whole product. What I am trying to say is it looked like an Apple accessory just like AirPods. 

The nicotine delivery was the quickest most discreet way it ever could be. No spit, no smell, the ability to ghost the smoke if needed. It is probably the easiest drug delivery system of all time. Inhalation is even easier than swallowing, just ask your mom. There were little green or red lights going off in everybody's pockets at college parties. The Juul singlehandedly brought the tobacco epidemic back to America. It's funny, no one's parents smoked, all of our grandparents smoked, and now we are all hitting these robot dicks to take in nicotine. I dipped before Juul came out because all the good athletes I knew did it. So I ended up getting hooked when I was "trying to quit dip" it was a whole cycle where I ended up getting way more nicotine Juuling. I would pack like one dip a day, maybe 2. WIth that Juul you were just huffing on it all the time. 

At the time I even convinced Donny to Juul instead of smoking cigarettes. 

The thing is I now know people who are quitting the Juul by smoking cigarettes. It's the wildest juxtaposition but its crazy. The Juul was so efficient at getting people nicotine that people needed to find a way to ration it out like cigarettes. You could hit the Juul while doing anything. Working, eating, drinking, reading, blogging. There was no stopping. 

Did the Juul need to be banned? Yes, but it should have never been allowed to go to market. The evil was there from the beginning. I almost believe it was a population curbing method. We won't see the real impacts of the Juul till we are grandparents. It will most likely be a blood cancer due to the metals inside the cartridges. I don't think lung cancer rates will be as high personally, It isn't as harsh as cigarette smoke. (I tried really hard to not make an Editor's Note but when Billy pretends to be a doctor it makes me laugh because he's 100% positive in everything he's saying.)

The only thing that is bad about the Juul ban is that other Ecigs will still be available. All these disposable vapes I feel are even worse than Juul because at least Juul pods are made in America! These disposables are being shipped from overseas using manufacturing standards we probably can hardly believe. You probably are inhaling serious contaminants. 

For those who have had a serious Juul problem try a synthetic nicotine pouch. (No free ads) that's what I'm doing trying to curb the urge.