Tony Romo Bringing 'BASEketball' Rules To Golf By Getting On All 4s While An Opponent Putts Is Going To Unite The Sport

 I don't care if Tony Romo has a 'bad back.' This is about trying to putt while your partner is on all 4s and shaking his ass like a wet dog. We need to loosen up some of these old school golf rules. Do you know how much I hate having to ask people in my league if it's cool to play some music? That shouldn't have to be a debate or people freaking out about. Just like we should all be playing faster, looser and having more fun. It's the most frustrating sport in the world, no need to make it even more uptight. 

I also know that right now there's no hotter debate in the sports world than the LIV Tour. I'm intrigued by it simply to see the eventual outcome. It *should* change golf just like we saw the ABA change the NBA, etc. There are rules and things that should happen that change how golf is in the future. But now we have Tony Romo trying to unite everyone with a classic Psyche Out move. 

Frankly, Barstool Idol should use this. I'm not saying names, but if you're talking about stealing *ahem* broads, then how do you drop this line from time to time. Feel like John Rich could work this in during the Dozen or some sort of game event. 

Of course Romo won the match too

Congrats to Romo on finally winning something! Can't say it doesn't come without an asterisk though. 

PS: I know everyone is thinking it: