2022 U.S. Westminster Dog Show's Blue Ribbon Winner Is An Abomination To The Lord

ANDY RAIN. Shutterstock Images.

YUCK! Now, look. I'm not some dog hardo who thinks that every man needs a pit bull, rottie, or Doberman. I'm a former dog trainer who has two pound puppies. I have Gussy Boy From Heaven Above who is the laziest and best big dog in the world- Ridgeback and Mastiff mix- and a Chihuahua mix named Baby Dale WooHoo who is the light of my life. I dont mind just about any breed of pup. 

Im not a huge pug guy or bulldog guy simply because the breeding practices are fucked up and those dogs can barely breathe. They snore all the time, need to go to the fet, and have all kinds of diet issues too. But, I'd still hangout with one. 

A poodle? A standard poodle? A standard poodle that has a weirdo haircut that looks like hes walking around with 1987's puffy ankle socks? No thanks. Poodles themselves arent bad. They are actually incredibly smart… one of the more intelligent breeds out there but their owners are a whole different ball of wax. Just lunatics. The whole lot of em. So, I guess I dont blame the poodle. I blame anybody who would take their dog to a groomer so that they look like that. No thanks. 

Here's some better dogs. Like last year's winner. An absolute model.

And these guys are also better. 

And of course, there's always my current favorite internet dog Hippo.