Podcaster vs 115 MPH Lacrosse Shot. Who Ya Got?

Our good pal Doogs really put the Barstool health insurance policy to the test the other week while he was in Albany for the start of the PLL season. Sure, there are professional lacrosse goalies who see these shots every weekend. And they're deranged bastards as well. But a guy who just talks about the game for a living instead of playing it? Standing in front of a guy like Jarrod Neumann who bring THIS type of heat?

Out of your mind. I was worried I was going to have to start the search for a new co-host. Especially because Doogs hasn't always had the most...complimentary things to say about Jarrod Neumann in the past. That's the thing about being in the Takes Business. Sometimes you have to get down and dirty and say some not-so-nice things about players. It's nothing personal, just purely based on the game. At the end of the day, though, that athlete is still a person and they are still going to hate the shit out of you for saying mean things. So not only can Jarrod Neumann launch the ball at least 115 mph, but he also has some pent up rage to unleash on the young fella. All of that was lining up for a perfect storm leading to Doogs' demise. But he hung in there, picked up a save or two in the process, and lives to tell about it. And credit goes to Jarrod Neumann for not aiming directly at his dick with every shot because I don't think scientists have developed a plastic yet that could hold up to that level of abuse. 

Unfortunately Jarrod and the Chaos are still looking for their first win of the season after starting the summer 0-3. They'll have a chance to get in the W column on Friday night against the 0-3 Waterdogs. So stay tuned for The Crease Dive's PLL Week 4 preview episode coming out on YouTube tomorrow night and on Apple/Spotify on Friday mornings.